We’ve just filmed a trailer for Here To There’s Production of “Art” by Yasmina Reza. The play’s hitting the stage in Bromyard this July (2022) and then making its way to Ludlow the following week. But let’s rewind to the day we shot the trailer.

“Art” is about three friends and their reactions to a white painting. Serge is in love with it, Marc despises it, and then there’s Yvan, who just doesn’t really care.

We managed to get the trio of actors – Mark Topping (Serge), Andrew Whittle (Marc, not to be confused with Mark), and Morgan Rees-Davies (Yvan) – into shoot the trailer in our Studio space. We wanted them to get their characters across on camera as individuals and as a quirky trio.

We set up a green screen in the studio as we wanted them on a white-ish backdrop, this magic would happen in post-production. We had the actors staring right into the camera so it was like they were eyeing the painting.

Each actor took their turn, giving the lens their best “I-love-it,” “I-hate-it,” or “Meh” faces. Then came the trio as the actors worked to create the group dynamic. Oh, and we had some hilarious props – wine and whiskey glasses (filled with juice and tea, by the way), a can of coke for Yvan, and even some nuts and olives (Andrew’s had to eat them, even though he’s not a fan).

Many laughs ensued from both cast and crew. Our trusty panel lights lit up the green screen, while our film lights made the actors shine. And, when it comes to green screen, you have to keep your tripod locked off.

We created a main theatrical trailer and three character trailers, we used graphics from the production and a jaunty, slightly French, gallery-like music choice that set the vibe just right.