Hey Eli here – apologies for the radio silence, but we’ve been cooking up something exciting behind the scenes! Let’s dive into the whirlwind of the past few months and spill the beans on our latest theatrical trailer adventure.

We’ve been deep in crafting some theatrical trailers for a production of Graham Linehan’s “The Ladykillers.” This classic gem has been adapted from the iconic Ealing comedy screenplay, and it’s all set to hit the stage courtesy of Here to There Productions at The Courtyard in Hereford, April 2022.

But before the cameras started rolling, there was some serious pre-production action. I took on the role of prop wrangler, sourcing and creating a bunch of goodies like maps, tea sets, and furniture. The goal? Transport our characters back to the 1950s with two distinct rooms that screamed personality. Enter Marcus – stuck in the poverty zone, which kind of explains his motivation for pulling off the heist. We hunted down a 1950s table, chairs, and even a radio to match the vibe. Then there’s Mrs. Wilberforce, the old lady whose house becomes the centre of the action. We found a bird cage, a chair, tables, and a charming tea set that stars in the main trailer.

We initially had more characters we wanted to use, but actor scheduling is hard and we couldn’t get everyone in the room at the same time. In the end we had the two central characters. It helped us refine the shooting script and gave us the chance to get super creative with the visuals.

Fast forward to the shoot day. We brought our A-game to a studio space next door – the perfect spot for a gigantic greenscreen setup. This nifty trick meant that during post-production, we could conjure backgrounds that suited the time period and the character vibes.

Our actors – Morgan Rees-Davies as Marcus and Dawn Bush as Mrs. Wilberforce – were called in at staggered times. With the equipment getting its final tweaks, we kicked things off with a voiceover recording with Morgan. This clever move let us have the playback on set, so he could respond to his own voice while working with the props.

When Dawn was prepped and ready in her costume and wig, we had both actors ready for their scene. Set in a doorway, we used our portable green screen to make magic happen in both directions. Then, it was off to Mrs. Wilberforce’s space, where she poured tea and chatted to a pretend parrot hiding behind a cloth-covered birdcage.

And here’s a twist – we actually wrapped up on time, which is a rarity in our world! Post-production was the real playground, with all the green screen keying and background sourcing. Making the trailer black and white gave it that a real 1950s charm, and we stuck with muted colors for the poster and text.

Long story short, we’ve been on an editing adventure, and the main trailer’s been released onto social media with the teasers following suit. The black and white vibe, the snazzy posters – they’re all getting the thumbs up. Stay tuned as we keep dropping these trailers, and mark your calendars for “The Ladykillers” in April 2022. It’s a ride you won’t wanna miss! 🎬🍿