The Parish Church of St. Laurence in Ludlow, Shropshire, presents a compelling case study of the transformative impact of live streaming within the context of a historic place of worship. While live streaming has long been an integral facet of church operations in North America, its adoption in the UK has gained momentum more recently. The impetus for this shift can be attributed, in part, to the lockdown measures that prompted places of worship to explore alternative means of connecting with their congregations, during the Covid-19 pandemic. St. Laurence’s Church, however, stands out for its forward-thinking approach to live streaming, viewing it as a sustainable avenue for extending their reach beyond physical gatherings.

Though rooted in history, with origins tracing back to the 12th Century, St. Laurence’s Church embraces technological progressiveness. This commitment is exemplified by their recent investments, including a cutting-edge digital sound system provided by Wild Edric Media and the ‘St. Laurences’ App enriched with Augmented Reality features that breathe life into their internationally renowned heritage.

Recognising Wild Edric Media’s expertise as a trusted media partner, the church engaged them to conceptualise, supply, and implement their live streaming infrastructure. Through thorough consultation, a set of pivotal requirements emerged:

  • The system’s usability should be straightforward, potentially enabling volunteer operation.
  • Flexibility in camera placement should be ensured.
  • The solution’s physical footprint must remain compact.
  • Scalability should be possible for future expansion.
  • Budget constraints needed to be adhered to.
  • Compatibility with the existing sound system was imperative.

Wild Edric Media responded with a tailored solution, the core of which centred on a compact video mixer offering integrated video switching and stream encoding. To further streamline the operation, a customised button array was integrated, automating various processes. The physical setup was designed to be space-efficient, involving a portable tablet monitor for live camera feeds and a control laptop. The core equipment was seamlessly integrated into an open rack, coexisting with the digital sound system and wireless microphone receivers.

The initial configuration featured two small HD cameras, bolstered by wireless transmitters for mobility. This wireless capability allowed the cameras to be positioned anywhere within the church premises, within a generous line of sight range of 300 feet to the core equipment’s receivers.

Diverse Applications

The scope of application extended beyond religious services. St. Laurence’s Church sought to leverage their system for broadcasting other events, such as arts festivals and theatre performances held within their spacious interior. Their existing YouTube channel formed the initial streaming platform, with potential plans to expand to platforms like Facebook.

Achieving Excellence

Wild Edric Media provided training and documentation, to enable St. Laurence’s Church to execute high-quality live broadcasts. Their production standards not only cater to remote congregation members but also attract a global audience for events hosted within the church.

Endorsement and Future Prospects

Peter Nield, the Director of Finance at St. Laurence’s, affirmed the system’s user-friendliness and its role in amplifying community engagement, especially during challenging times. The ability to stream services and events has significantly enriched the church’s digital presence.

For those interested in incorporating live streaming into their venues or organisations, Wild Edric Media offers their expertise. Reach out through their contact form at to initiate a conversation and explore the possibilities that live streaming can bring.