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A look back at the 10s! Adventures in Green-screen!

Looking back over the last few years we've been having more and more adventures in green-screen filming and editing. Only last year we produced four theatrical trailers using green-screen, this enables backgrounds to be added for locations that would be difficult to actually get to. We have also integrated green-screen into trailers on location in order to add extra effects behind the actors.

Our most recent green screen trailer was for Ceridwen Theatre Company's Christmas production of The Snow Queen and as we couldn't physically go to a snowy location, adding frosty forest backgrounds in post production was the ideal way to create a visually exciting and compelling theatrical trailer to promote the performance.

Although when we created two theatrical trailers for Here To There Productions (The Mother and One Man Two Guvnors) earlier in the year we wanted the backgrounds to be clean and clear so using green screen was ideal for this. We also filmed another green screen trailer for a Here To There show, Arrivals and Departures, and we filmed this one outside using natural light. We needed a London area train station in the background and as we are in Shropshire it was easier to film locally in front of a green screen and add the background in post production. It looks so much like the actors are actually at the location it will make you question what's really real!

We keep upgrading our green-screen equipment, with new stands and poles to hold the green cloth and new lighting equipment. Lighting is so important for indoor green screen filming. Our ambition is to create a green screen studio so we can have everything we need set up and ready to use but until then we have everything stored away and ready to set up when the next adventure in green screen comes along.

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