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Art - Trailer Shoot

With Here To There's Production of Art by Yasmina Reza opening this week in Bromyard and moving to Ludlow next week, I wanted to share the day we filmed the trailer with you. Art is a very funny play about three friends and how they each react to a painting. The painting is white and while one of them loves it (Serge) another hates it (Marc) and the third is indifferent (Yvan). We were able to get all three actors Mark topping (playing Serge), Andrew Whittle (playing Marc, not confusing at all) and Morgan Rees-Davies (playing Yvan) to be in the trailer. We needed each actor to convey their characters as individuals and interact as a group. We filmed in the studio next to our offices again so we could use the green screen. The idea was to have them on a whitish background (to be put on in post production) and have them looking down the camera lens as if they were looking at the painting. Each of the actors then took it in turns to stare down the lens showing how their character felt about the painting. We then had them in pairs and as a group to react to each other. We had some props too including wine and whiskey glasses (juice and tea made up the contents) and a can of coke for Yvan and some nuts and olives (which Andrew does like but had to eat in the trailer). There was lots of laughter on the day and with the few props we had to help introduce each character to the audience, including some very delicious cashew nuts, we all had a great day filming. We used our panel lights to light the green screen and our film lights to light the actors. When filming green screen you have to have the camera locked off on a tripod and we used our blackmagic 6K camera to capture the footage. During the edit we created a main trailer and three character trailers and used graphics from the production to create some interesting transitions. The music was chosen because it felt jaunty, a little bit French (the play was written in French and translated) and it reminded us of an art gallery. Here are some pictures from the day along with the trailers themselves so you can see what I've been going on about!...

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