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Hopeless Romantics Filming at Hereford Courtyard

Working with our media partners at Hereford Courtyard Theatre to film and stream this original piece of theatre was a joy. We arrived on opening night/day to set up five cameras and a live mixing station. This enabled Eli to live mix the show to make the editing process quicker. Carl and Sally manned two of the cameras so we had a moving mid shot and a close up camera. We also had two static cameras crossing the stage and a central wide shot. These camera positions gave us plenty of great views of the stage. We then had the chance to watch the dress rehearsal ahead of an actual live audience arriving for press night that evening. The actors, director, and technical team had created a funny, moving and relatable production that we knew needed to be captured for the world to see.. You can now enjoy the fruits of our labours by watching this fantastic show on demand:

Hopeless Romantics is a Courtyard Productions presented By Nick Lane & Fiona Wass

For digital viewing | Premieres Saturday 24 July 7.30pm

Did you miss The Courtyard’s latest stage production of Hopeless Romantics? We’re now proud to present it for digital viewing!

In an age of internet dating, speed dating, blind dating and Tinder, isn’t it harder not to find someone these days? Alan doesn’t think so. And he should know; aside from the girl with the pigtails and the lisp in Primary School, he’s spent his entire life as a “non-elective celibate.” Or to put it another way, he’s single. Very, very single. Not that that’s a problem – lots of people are happy in their own company, but when your sisters are all living romantic dreams and everyone’s on your back to know when you’ll be bringing someone home, the pressure tends to mount somewhat.

So with his family gathering for an anniversary dinner, Al does something rather reckless – he pays Zoe, a girl on work experience, to pose as his girlfriend for the night. Unfortunately for Al, Zoe’s got romantic problems of her own… amongst other things!

The Courtyard, along with Nick Lane (The Goal) and Fiona Wass (Murder at Berrington), invite you to spend an evening with this mismatched pair. Will it be the start of a beautiful friendship or the end of the world as they know it? Find out this summer!

Recorded and Streamed by Wild Edric Media

Tickets: Pay What You Can from just £5

Subtitles available, click this icon on the video: Select Subtitles, then ‘Hopeless Romantics Subtitles’ (not English Auto).

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