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Hybrid Conferences

Here at Wild Edric Media, we have live-streamed many events including theatre, festivals, music gigs and conferences…and with the changes happening in our world, there is lots of talk about the Virtual or Hybrid Conference.  The idea is to have a limited number of delegates in the actual venue, enabling a safe environment for all. As we all as creating demand for these premium ‘on site’ tickets, digital tickets for the conference would then be made available for remote delegates to watch securely at home or in the office. Revenue can be be generated through either Pay-Per-View or a Subscription model using our online payment gateway, which is in partnership with InPlayer, a global leader in payment solutions. Using cutting edge technology, we will also soon have the ability to bring in remote speakers into the conference in HD quality and with virtually no delay, enabling realtime interaction with onstage presenters and the audience.

Hybrid events offer an effective, convenient and safe way for event organisers to increase participation and significantly extend the reach of the live event. The Wild Edric Media production team will be able to capture a live event and stream it online to those who are unable to attend in person. Not only can a hybrid event connect the virtual audience with the live event, but it also enables presentations and speeches to be recorded and be available to watch On Demand, again with or without Pay-Per-View. We really believe Hybrid events are a breakthrough way of moving forward in this new world we now live in, and Wild Edric Media have the perfect solution for conference organisers to safely reach the widest possible audience and generate revenue.

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