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Ladykillers Trailer Shoot

Updated: Mar 10

Hello, Eli here, sorry it's been a while! We've had a very busy last few months, which includes the creating of a new theatrical trailer. We are in the process of releasing the trailers we created for a production of Graham Linehan's - The Ladykillers, adapted from the classic ealing comedy screenplay, to be performed by Here to there Productions at The Courtyard, Hereford in April 2022.

Pre-production for the shoot involved me sourcing and creating of props like maps, tea sets, tables and chairs to create two different, 1950s inspired, rooms for two very different characters. First we have Marcus, who we decided would be living in poverty which is his motivation for carrying out the heist. We sourced an original 1950s table and chairs and a radio as well as creating plans for him to use during the shoot. Our second set was for Mrs Wilberforce, the old lady who's house the play is set in. For this we managed to source a bird cage (thanks to Joyce who provides wardrobe for Here To There), a chair and a couple of tables, along with a tea set, which features in the main trailer. As well as prop sourcing & set dressing we also had to work out what we were going to film, the original plan was to have more characters involved but unfortunately scheduling clashes meant we had to stick with the two characters, and in the end this helped us to create the shooting script. We used a studio space next to our offices to film in. The large, high ceilinged room was ideal for us to set up a giant green screen. This meant that in post-production we could make sure the back grounds suited the time period and the characters.

On production day we staggered our actors arrival times so we could shoot each of their rooms in front of the green screen at separate times. Marcus, played by Morgan Rees-Davies, arrived first and as Carl and Tom where still setting up some equipment and once Joyce had provided Morgan's costume, I had time to recorded his voice overs first. This then meant that we could have playback on set so he could react to his own voice whilst performing with the props provided. Once Mrs Wilberforce, played by Dawn Bush, arrived and was suitably dressed in her costume and wig we were able to film the one scene in the trailer that involved both actors. This scene was set in a doorway so we had the grab our portable green screen to pop behind each actor when we filmed in their direction. We then set up Mrs Wilberforce's room and filmed her scenes pouring tea and talking to a pretend parrot hidden behind a cloth over the bird cage. Unusually we actually wrapped on time and then we just had to do the get out.

The post-production does become a longer process when you are dealing with green screen as you have to key all the shots and source backgrounds before you can start creating the trailer, but as we had shot to edit once the green screen work had been done the actual assemble wasn't too difficult. We chose to make the trailer black and white to tie in with the 1950s theme and used muted colours for the poster and text. I took charge on this edit with Carl looking over my shoulder with suggestions, usually this dynamic is the other way round but it worked really well and we've had some great feedback from the main trailer and the teasers are being released over the next couple of weeks.

Here are some pictures from the filming day along with a behind the scenes video for you to enjoy...

Eli, Morgan, Dawn and Carl posing for the camera!

Here's the behind the scene video that Tom created.

And finally here's the main trailer release.

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