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Looking back at the 10's -1595 /1955!

Back in 2016 Carl directed two plays for Here to There Productions; Romeo & Juliet and A Midsummer Nights Dream. This meant we had two Shakespearean trailers to make both with very different tones and locations and as well as the trailers Carl wanted to create posters with the cast so we also needed a photoshoot!

For Romeo and Juliet I remember that we had two separate shoot days, one for the photoshoot and one for the trailer shoot, but we did both in one day for A Midsummer Nights Dream. For the Romeo and Juliet photoshoot we had a two different groups of actors the Montague's and the Capulets who all had to be dressed and styled in different 1950s ways - Mods vs Rockers. The costumes hair and make-up all looked fantastic, we also had two vintage motorbikes for the photoshoot.

Mercucio and Benvolio

The photoshoot cast

Carl checking lighting for the photoshoot.

For the Romeo & Juliet trailer we used 6 of the actors from the play; Romeo, Juliet, Frier Laurence, Capluet, Tybolt and Mercutio. With the 1950's suburbs theme for this play location proved a little more tricky in rural Ludlow, but we had the location from the photo shoot to use - the old warehouse location that was suitably run down. We used a local hotel to create Juliets bedroom and filmed Frier Lawrence, appropriately, in St Laurences Church, for that all important wedding scene. Using the bedroom location we had Capulet getting angry with Juliet using one of the well known scenes from the play. In the back ally location we had Tybolt and Mercuio fighting and finally the lovers passing each other in the street as there eyes meet. We had a great time filming and here is the resulting trailer for you to enjoy...

Moving on to A Midsummer Nights Dream, we found the perfect location to film and take photos in a friends back garden, with the forest at the bottom of the garden. You could really believe that the fairies lived there!. For this trailer we had even more actors with all 4 lovers and 3 of the faery folk - Oberon, Titania and Puck. Many of the Actors where in both plays so this was a great opportunity to see their versatility as actors. Although still based in 1955, Carl decided to make the fairies steam punk; giving them fantastic costumes and wild hair and make up.

The Dream fairies in make-up

Oberon having his hair straightened

The photo shoot for The Dream poster.

The lovers looked very proper in their 1950s get up only to become more disheveled the further they got into the forest. We had a lot of fun on this shoot and the resulting trailer and posters were very well received. The shows themselves were a great achievement for all involved and a massive feat of production with Carl directing and designing the set and Wild Edric Media providing lighting and soundscapes and running the shows. Don't forget to check out the trailer for A Midsummer Nights dream too...

Oberon and Puck

The cast and crew enjoying their break

Carl making sure Oberon looks how he wanted

Oberon enchanting one of the lovers

Carl and Frier Lawrence in St Laurences Church

Tybalt, Mercusio and Carl

Carl making sure the R& J trailer shoot goes the way he wants!

Capulet and Tybalt being filmed by Carl

Juliet and Romeo


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