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Looking Back at the 10's - A Day Like Today.

One of the first major projects I worked on with Wild Edric was 'A Day Like Today' a short film prequel to 'Mr Robbins' by Neil Jefferies. Neil approached us wanting to make his new book into a film. We desperately wanted this to happen so proposed making a short prequel to gain attention and help with crowd funding.

Carl, Neil and Jules posted an audition notice for the main two main characters, Fiona and Mr Robbin's himself. They had some great candidates but the final two chosen where Sean Carlsen and Louise Osbourne, both were a great fit for the parts and a pleasure to work with.

We found the perfect location to film on a beech and clifftop in Aberystwyth, thanks to Jules who unfortunately could join us for the shoot in Aberystwyth. We also got permission to film outside Aberystwyth hospital in the carpark. So in September 2014 we headed to the coast with all our gear and a small crew including Neil and Oscar (The Dog who was also staring in the film).

Neil has fond memories of the filming and has shared this anecdote with me, a story I hadn't heard before:

"There is one thing that I am not sure many people are aware of. The car that features in the film, my old Vauxhall Astra, had a knack of cutting out at very inopportune moments. I will never forget when I came out to watch the filming in Aberystwyth that Wednesday. It poured hard as I drove into Wales from Hereford, and then the car was perfectly behaved all day. When I drove home that evening, the flaming thing cut out on the A44 and I was stuck for about 30 minutes going nowhere until the car decided to work again. Needless to say though it was still a thrilling experience and the film, the premiere and everyone involved were wonderful."

There are so many anecdotes that came from the filming of this short film, Oscar chasing some sort of foul on the farm next to where we were filming, Carl falling over a mole hill whilst walking backwards and filming (the outtake for this was very funny) I was supposed to be spotting him, oops! Louise coined the phrase 'film dog my arse' which we still giggle about today and a giant low flying military plane passing over that made us all stop and stare in awe.

The shoot in Aberystwyth wasn't the only time we spent filming for 'A Day Like Today'. We also filmed some scenes in Ludlow too, with thanks to some friendly locals who let us use their houses and turn them into film sets for a day. These scenes were flash backs in the film and we saw Fiona's history in these flash backs with a young Fiona (Poppy Wilde), her Dad (Wayne Swann) and her Ex Husband (Morgan Rees-Davies). We also had an original sound track created for the film by the very talented Kate Ockenden.

Once Carl had edited the footage and was happy with the final film we had a premier! It was a glittering occasion with all the cast attending along with a large amount of invited guests. Everyone enjoyed the screening and we had an evening of bubbles and laughter following it.

Unfortunately we didn't manage to raise the funds to create the full feature film version of the book 'Mr Robbins' but we all had a blast making the prequel and who knows maybe one day we'll be able to re-visit this dream and until then please have a look at the full short film - 'A Day Like Today' and the outtakes below...

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