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Looking Back at the 10's - Anne Boleyn (Don't lose your head!)

During these strange and unusual times its worth remembering not to lose your head, which reminded me of the fun we had shooting the trailer for Here To There's production of 'Anne Boleyn' written by Howard Brenton back in 2017.

Firstly we needed a venue that looked like a grand Tudor estate, luckily living in Ludlow gave us many options to consider. We approached the friendly staff at Stokesay Castle, a local English Heritage site, and having looked around the castle felt it suited all our indoor and outdoor filming location needs. We were so grateful that English Heritage gave us permission to film at this location.

Costumes were hired from the RSC and stylists were hired in for the shoot. We arrived on the morning of filming to find Poppy, the actor playing Anne, having her hair beautiful blond hair twisted up out of site by the stylist, Sarah, to fit under the dark wig needed for the part.

Once the Actors where in costume and appropriately made up, shooting could begin. We worked our way through the locations in the castle from the dungeons to the dining area and then eventually into the moat! Thankfully it was a pleasant spring day and the flowers in the garden where looking beautiful. We captured some stunning slow motion shots of Anne (Poppy) walking through the flowers and being chased by Henry (Ben) around the castle.

We created several teaser trailers for Anne Boleyn and a main trailer from the footage. We had a great days filming with a brilliant cast and crew and we were really pleased with the final result. Check out some pictures from the shoot day and the trailers here...

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