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Looking back at the 10's - Armistice Trailer

It’s been a good few months since my last blog post and this is due to how busy Wild Edric has been which is great! But with it being Remembrance/Armictice Day this week I thought it would be fitting to share a trailer we made for at Ceridwen Theatre Company a few years back for their production of Armistice - A long road to peace. The production was to take place at The Albany Theatre and in Clearwell Caves so it was obvious where we’d film the trailer! Into the depth we went, lugging cameras and lights and trying not to bump our heads on low rocks. The large cavern at the centre of the caves provided a great staging area for all our tech. We filmed in several areas within the caves and each one created a brilliant atmosphere for the piece. Subtle lighting and shadows worked so well for us, along with a little extra atmosphere from the smoke machine. The actors and director where fantastic, with special thanks going to the staff at Clearwell Caves, together we created a moving and haunting trailer for the show. I hope you enjoy it...

Here are a few images from the shoot but it was a bit dark so didn't get many!

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