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Streaming during Lockdown!

Now, it is strange for me to be the one writing this, as Carl and I haven't seen each other in person for a while, but I wanted to let you all know how hard he's been working even in isolation! Every night, since lockdown he's been doing a lot of live streaming, something that as a company we have a lot of experience in, having honed our expertise to specialise in this area over the past 5+ years.

The first livestreams have been for his wife Sally - a qualified Meditation and Mindfulness practitioner at StillMind - to enable her to do her free meditation sessions online for schools and adults. In order to do this at the same professional level as usual, Carl had to move the majority of the Wild Edric film equipment into his house, turning his conservatory in to a mini-TV studio and the dining room in to a live mixing and streaming booth.

As well as live streaming Sally's StillMind meditation sessions, Carl has also re-connected with a client that we have both worked with in the past, Danyah Miller from Wizard Presents Theatre Company. Danyah wanted to stream her bedtime stories via YouTube for children to enjoy during lockdown. Within days, a professional virtual team was created from scratch including Wild Edric as the production partner, a marketing agency, a children’s furniture retailer and in excess of 15 national Shopping Centres, all of whom are marketing the bedtime stories on their websites and social media channels.

As well as a beautifully told story from Danyah every Tuesday at 6.30pm, she and her daughter Sofie have been creating spontaneous stories on a Thursday from suggestions made on their social media sites. Danyah also has some specially invited guest spots over the coming weeks, the first one was with Sophie Aldred, who used to be in Doctor Who! I was very excited about this as I grew up watching her on the program.

Carl has also been re-streaming pantomimes, that we have filmed and live streamed for theatres over the last few years. So far he has streamed 'Cinderella' for The Courtyard Theatre, Hereford over Easter weekend, followed by 'Dick Whittington' for The Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury. We’re doing all of this absolutely free, as we feel at this time, the important thing is to help our colleagues in the creative arts industry, as well as provide some feel good entertainment for families locked in at this time.

I have been separate from the technical side of these proceedings, but I'm trying to promote and market these online screening events from my home whilst also juggling home schooling with my son and trying to squeeze in the odd bit of editing! Carl is doing an incredible job and managing to work from home very well… though I think he’s missing the morning coffee and gossip catch-ups we have and all my great ideas in the office.

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