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Venue Streaming & a New Partner

The Show Must Go On...line As part of our new Venue Streaming venture we have teamed up with the global payment gateway provider,  InPlayer. Carl and I first met InPlayer several years ago at an exhibition and we have stayed in touch on and off ever since and now the time feels right to make it official! We're very pleased to be working with this fantastic team to provide the opportunity for theatres and venues to live stream events, conferences and performances securely.  However what makes this partnership very exciting is the ability to now offer virtual pay-per-view tickets or subscriptions to online audiences to enable them to watch events and shows using the InPlayer platform. In this uncertain time and with no one knowing how long it will be before the public will safely be able to enter these spaces again, we think this is a fantastic opportunity for venues to start to sharing their work with the world,  generate revenue, as well as attract a new global audience.

“We’ve been filming and live-streaming live events for over 5 years now, in particular theatre productions and conferences, and have always believed that the next big opportunity for this end of the market is individual Pay Per View and Subscription.  We’ve seen major successes for streaming to a cinema or venue in the UK with the National Theatre and the RSC, but there is definitely an appetite for performing arts content to be streamed to people who can’t or don’t want to physically visit a venue. And now our partnership with InPlayer means that we can offer a way for the creative sector and events such as conferences to not only reach a remote audience using our streaming service but more importantly to access a new revenue stream for such value content securely using the InPlayer technology embedded within our solution. We’re delighted to be awarded Reseller Partner status with InPlayer and look forward to developing this market opportunity with them. “ said Carl.  George Meek, CEO at InPlayer also said “We are very excited to partner with Wild Edric Media to engage with remote attendees and provide value to a new generation of digital spectators. Together, our technologies and expertises are set to easily create a global and digital scene for events and art companies, looking to start or mature a digital transformation, boost their reach and revenue from their premium content.”

For more information about how we can help bring your content online through secure LiveStreaming with Pay Per View, please visit

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