Venue Streaming


Now's the time to turn your venue into a streaming venue and still sell tickets to view your work. We have partnered up with Inplayer, a payment gateway platform that enables viewers to pay and watch live events from their home by purchasing a virtual ticket.  Watch shows, join conferences or enjoy musicians from your home, creating a virtual venue in your living room.


Sell Tickets & Reach a New Audience


Now's the time to grow your audience globally in an environmentally sustainable way. You can still provide content to your regular audience and reach out to a new one by going online. Creating a Virtual Venue provides an easy and cost effective way to open up your 'doors' virtually to new audiences.


How it works


We work with you to protect and maximise the value of your content by selling tickets (via pay-per-view or subscription solutions) to a live stream or video on demand broadcast of your theatre production, conference, or event. Provide digital access to your customers of broadcasts of shows either live or on demand and provide them with the ability to interact with Q&A sessions after the show to add even more value to your event. 

Try Virtual Venue Streaming now

Wild Edric Media provides everything you need to put a new worldwide audience in your venue. We  provide an all inclusive solution, encompassing cameras and operators, graphics, broadcast services and paywall extending the reach of any production.



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